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Reading Apps and Free Online Books for Beginning Readers

by Miriam Downey 17. June 2013 07:35

Here's something to try. There are several new reading apps out for the summer that you might want to try with your new readers. Beginning readers lose the most over the summer months, At the same time, children don't want to be tied down to the regular grind of school work. A book to read on the computer or a mobile device may help them retain what they have already learned and not cause them to lose the knowledge they gained over the regular school term.

An app for your computer, phone, or tablet may be just the ticket for your child. The following list is not exhaustive by any means, but just offers a suggestion for you to look at. A disclaimer: I have looked at all of these apps, but have not downloaded any of them to my computer or mobile devices. Give them a try and let us know how they work. Some of them are free: some have fees. Most apps have free trials, so I would certainly try out the free trial.

Apps for Mobile Devices

Penguin Leveled Readers. This is a free app for IPad or IPhone. Several levels of readers are available with nice stories. This app comes highly recommended.

Booksy: Learn to Read Platform for K-2. A free app for IPad. Mostly science and animal topics. Leveled.

LAZ Readers are an app for ITunes for your Mac or PC. This is an extensive library of books by Language Technologies. It has a cost but they offer a free trial and free samples.

Big Universe Learning has many books that are online or available for apps. This site has a fee, but they have a free trial.

Free Books Available Online

Starfall is a very nice phonics reading system. Lots of good stories.

We Give Books has a very good selection of free books. You need to register, but then the books are free. The advantage of this site is that many of the books are by famous children's authors.

The International Children's Digital Library is a great source for online books. The advantage of this site is that many of the books are bilingual.


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