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Not So Scary Halloween Books for Beginning Readers

by Miriam Downey 10. October 2014 06:47

Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate

Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate.

The first one said,

"Oh my, it's getting late."

The second one said,

"But we don't care."

The third one said,

"I see witches in the air."

The fourth one said,

"Let's run, and run, and run."

The fifth one said,

"Get ready for some fun."

Then whoosh went the wind,

and out went the lights,

And five little pumpkins rolled out of sight!

The other morning I visited my granddaughter's kindergarten to tell a story. The children wanted a Halloween story because they had just been to the pumpkin patch and the corn maze. I told a story about Trick or Treating when I was a little girl and knocking on the door of an empty house. Nobody was there, of course, but the emptiness of the house was scarier than if a ghost had answered the door. We sang a slightly scary Halloween song, and the children jumped up and down, shouting "Tell it again! Tell it again!"

Children love a little bit of scary. I have collected some wonderful children's Halloween stories that are just right--a little bit scary and a lot of fun. These books are appropriate for beginning readers. If you want Halloween books for older readers, you can find lists of books in the October postings from previous years. These books are all available at the library or bookstore.

Scared Silly! A Book for the Brave by Marc Brown. There are 50 poems, songs, stories, and riddles in this collection.

Six Creepy Sheep by Judith Ross-Enderle. A surprise awaits the little lost sheep on Halloween.

Ragged Shadows: Poems for Halloween Night by Lee Bennett Hopkins. This is a wonderful selection of poems for the season.

Scared Silly: A Halloween Treat by James Howe. The Bunnicula characters are involved in a silly, scary Halloween.

Dragon's Halloween: Dragon's Fifth Tale by Dav Pilkey.Three short stories about Dragon at Halloween.

Scary, Scary Halloween by Eve Bunting. Great illustrations and not so very scary.

Arthur's Halloween by Marc Brown. Another Arthur adventure.

Sheep Trick or Treat by Nancy Shaw. For fans of the Sheep in a Jeep series, this is a satisfying Halloween adventure.

Oliver and Amanda's Halloween by Jean Van Leeuwen. This is a great early chapter book about a family Halloween adventure.

You might also be interested in Enchanted Learning's fall and Halloween printable books. Lots of fun and activities.



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